What are the common characteristics of Hetian jade pendant?

October 14, 2021


Among the many jewellery, Hetian jade pendant is one of the most popular jewelry for consumers. The "safety buckle" is the most popular habits for people to buy. The industry also calls it a chicken heart pendant. What are the characteristics of such jade ornaments?

The jade buckle pendant is mainly flat, and the surface is usually not engraved with various patterns to decorate. The material requirements of the pendant are that there is no crack impurity. The size of the Hetian jade buckle is different. The most common size is the diameter of the jade buckle between 20-35mm. There are also jade buckles with smaller diameters, which are roughly the size of soybeans. They are mainly used to form rings, pendants and earrings. Bracelets, etc.

In addition, the thickness of Hetian jade buckle is also different, but its thickness is proportional to the size and is also proportional to the market price of jade buckle. Therefore, the thickness of the jade buckle should not be too thin, and the durability of the sheet is not great, but it generally has a good color.

In short, because the thickness, appearance and size of Hetian jade buckle directly determine the price, so these aspects are the key points that consumers should pay attention to when purchasing Hetian jade buckle.

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