Hedging how to match the sweet new fashion

October 15, 2021

Breeze hit, it will inevitably have a trace of coolness. And a comfortable knit sweater is definitely the most suitable for the weather a single product, I believe you will certainly have a wardrobe. So how should a head knit sweater with more stylish, more attractive? Sweet with the soft lady is like, Xiaobian today to meet you, the beauty of the MM to see the pleasing fashion with it, wear a sweet new fashion.

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Fresh and elegant yellow, people looked very comfortable. A little ornament embellishment, an increase of color brightness. Coupled with a high waist umbrella skirt, elegant and soft. The integration of printing elements, enhanced fashion sense. Simple and elegant with full lady style. Cross a small bow bag, essential travel to work with.

套头针织衫怎么搭配 搭出甜美新时尚

The same style design, different colors show a different charm. Sweet light blue, very skin Oh, the skin lining more white. With a pink lotus leaf skirt, self-cultivation version of the fold with a small skirt, beautify the body. Coupled with a pair of elegant nude color high heels shoes, blooming elegant tenderness.

Photo Credit: Yung Yue Women

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