Color Yi Rui brand big senior designer - AILLS high-end cooperation to create international brands

October 16, 2021

Fashion designer is an indirect promoter of the development of the fashion industry, an excellent clothing brand , only continue to "fresh blood", continuous innovation and development, to be able to develop more and more to make its branded products more popular, more influential force. Recently, women's fashion brand color Rui Yi hired a big-name qualifications more than 20 years, a senior designer Ms. settled into --AILLS color Yi Rui together to build a world-class fashion clothing brand.

色弋瑞 - seyrd

Color Yi Rui international brand women have a rich European style, in the style blend of the gorgeous opera, the Renaissance abstraction, Baroque and other design elements of the trend of culture. This blend of oriental culture elements and Western cutting process, in order to chase the blend of intellectual and sensual, and strive to modern intellectuals, elegant, romantic, stylish, simple, atmospheric transcendental beauty, innovative design techniques to express the beauty of women Into the spirit of another state, such as products in tea, drunk in wine.

色弋瑞品牌携手大牌资深设计师- AILLS 高端合作共创国际品牌

Color Yi Rui in the pursuit of natural harmony at the same time, giving women a taste of simplicity but without loss of type, personality and yet elegant oriental femininity. It interprets oriental women's aesthetic concepts in an internationalized clothing fashion vocabulary, reinterprets traditions from a modern point of view, and gives simple material spiritual connotations.

The senior designer Miss AILLS joined the color Yi Rui brand women in this big family to inject fresh vitality into the brand, let us look forward to, color Yi Rui brand women's growth and transformation.

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