Tenderness into the autumn tenderness like poetry Frenchman children

October 21, 2021

Do not have summer flowers gorgeous, into the autumn leaves Jingmei, modern and simple urban atmosphere, Famen Lin underwear 2015 autumn and winter series take you into the romantic soft lace space, quiet bloom a soft mood. Your longing for fashion and warmth are all part of this season's Farmer children's story in the cold season in different corners of the city trend of the trend, but also as the late autumn and autumn, shaking off a tree of the poetic.

柔情蕾丝入秋意  静美如诗法曼儿

This season, Farman children's designer elements of the very feminine lace "pet", making tender lace in the 2015 autumn and winter new underwear shine. Rarity and complexity of the Rococo pattern infiltrated into the details of the clothing, the color is equally wonderful, many of them are classic black, intoxicating blush, innocent rice white, retro dark green and enchanting purple and other colors 10,000 kinds of customs. Lace decorated shoes and accessories can be set off in the details of the feminine softness and romance, can be described as early fall season can not miss the touch of the eye.

柔情蕾丝入秋意  静美如诗法曼儿

Flower embroidery hole cup adjustable flower bra Product ID: 185103

In the city's steel forest, the wedding series from Famen's mid-autumn and winter falls like a simple cloud, a blooming flower, a budding beast that brings a romantic, casual poetic touch to autumn and winter. Those who, placed in the prime time concept, is the years, the warmth of love, like the Famennier wedding series of underwear, a roll of Qingqing, Nianhua smile, the hearts of flowing water. Let the slightest emotion into life, quiet growth in my heart.

This product uses a new type of hole cup, perspiration breathable, and has excellent shaping function, the underarm fat can be pushed into the cup, so as to adjust the chest curve, create a beautiful body. Widening clip and high-side than the bit built-in two invisible plastic bone design can better gather excess fat, and strengthen the cup side of the push and focus effect, while bra to produce better pulling and fixing effect, strengthen the bra Support and shaping effect.

柔情蕾丝入秋意  静美如诗法曼儿

Fashion half-light cup lace high-side adjustment bra Product Code: 185112

Famen yarn wire series Wind fusion simple and splendid, refined and soft, tribute in the high-paced urban life, in the gorgeous and simple to seek peace of mind of the smart women. Exquisite large lace fabric, are over-ordered urban daily dress into a ray of romance and soft style.

This product is divided around the design, so that the whole cup smooth round, easier with the coat. The use of Taiwan lace (water soluble huh), transparent stretch net fine, delicate, soft and skin-friendly. Flash silver design is the crowning touch of this product. Increased wings to enhance the effect of Shoulong Furu, a better shape of the perfect rounded chest type. Wide hem design allows for better locking of the fat and prevents the bra from slipping.

柔情蕾丝入秋意  静美如诗法曼儿

Lace Embroidery Adjustable Bra Product ID: 185122

Autumn, is a quiet and beautiful poetry, clear water clear blue sky, clear moonlight painting on the clear, graceful and graceful, will be a heartfelt words into a full paper style, so mottled imprint tells the story of the Autumn Days. Fameng 2015 autumn and winter new underwear witch strand Seduction series in quiet good time, the flow of realistic lace flowers, dance out of unique charm, precipitated full of elegant colors. Let poetic thoughts, like jade, tentacle temperature.

Widening clip design can better gather excess fat, while the bra to produce better pull and fixed effect, to enhance bra support and shaping effect.

Side than the bit, after the bit and the "U" type shoulder strap with a widened design, a good side-to enhance the effect of mentioning the side, so that the strap is not easy to fall, and can well relieve muscle pressure, upper body superb .

Beautifully designed flower embroidery embellished with gold lace lace aids, filling the noble and gorgeous feminine temperament!

柔情蕾丝入秋意  静美如诗法曼儿

Lace Bowknot 3D Upright Cotton Adjustable Bra Product ID: 185083

Black is also intellectual and soft Actually, Famengrun 2015 autumn and winter new underwear Ya Yun series will be thin black lace pattern painted in lingerie cup profile contour spell light gauze, with the perfect chest curve ups and downs for the charming rhythm, but also for the slightly cold Season brings a lot of warmth and charm.

This product chic, delicate lace, to resist the extraordinary underwear adds to the dynamic and vitality. Line texture and practical design, elegant style, to maximize the temptation to undermine the beauty of underwear. It uses flanking heightening, side care cup type, with excellent income Vice milk effect; supplemented by lace and bow with the assistance of the product more noble and generous.

1. Cup-type side of the push effect is obvious, the upper body after you create a charming chest effect.

2. Increased side axillary side to strengthen the contralateral axillary fascination effect, a better shaping charming cleavage.

3. Low chicken heart design, cup-type side thrust effect is obvious.

3D upright cotton: soft, lighter, high breathable, moisture wicking, more comfortable to wear. Non-toxic, non-yellowing, easier to clean, easier to dry, machine washable and healthier.

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