Summer high-heeled sandals to get rid of "child height"

August 20, 2019

This site, June 5 hearing, high-heeled shoes is a woman's life can not resist the temptation. They say that petite and exquisite girls are provocative, but girls who are "child height" may not think so, so heels become a necessary magic weapon to save short girls.

Do not always admire the actress' beautiful figure and slender legs on the TV. In fact, as long as a pair of high heels can handle your short problem. It doesn't matter whether the child is short or not. The selection of high heels is the focus. In the upcoming summer heat, a pair of lightweight high-heeled sandals always show the most incisive figure and straight legs of a woman. At the same time, it also shows your elegant temperament and taste. Following Xiaobian to see in the end what are the most suitable for short girls high heels, so that you get rid of "child height" but also show your exquisite femininity.

Casadei's new sandals are based on nude colors with fluorescent pink

Casadei's new sandals are based on nude colors with fluorescent pink, and a woody platform sole combined with a 12cm heel adds a touch of urbanity to the overall feel.

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