Fashion superstar S become a new spokesman for ilo

September 19, 2019

Originated from Taiwan's popular fashion brand iROO, with its 100-point adherence and innovation in traditional consumer behavior, it has fashioned a stylish map of iROO in the fashion and women's wear market, Series, fashion parties, will be popular, natural leisure, create a stylish women's different occasions.

On February 28, 2012, iROO held a press conference in Phoenix, Beijing to invite Asia's spokesperson Xiao S to meet the international fashion scene with Phoenix Wing in Beijing. With "Light Luxury Week Fashion" posture, Open the iROO's international blueprint to present consumers with the most stylish new products every week.


Small S in the new image according to the signature declared to become a new spokesman for Luo

For the first time, the small S, who has no endorsement of fashion and has an exclusive view on fashion, endorsed the platform for Taiwanese fashion brand iROO for the first time and dedicated the first press conference back to iROO, demonstrating that individuals from Taiwan The confidence of the fashion brand.

Small S that fashion should not only be far-sighted and not obscene, the so-called fashion, should be implemented in every corner of life, reflected in every detail of life. IROO subverts the original appearance of fashion, upholds the principle of "light and luxurious week fashion", so that people can dress easily and stylishly in every moment of their life.

According to Luo (iROO) Asia spokesman small S came back after the first meeting press conference


Professional female model show 2012 latest masterpiece

For the first time after the birth, the fashion superstar Xiao S was publicly present at the event, offering the first wave of postpartum comeback and opening the mystery with iROO, officially announced as iROO Asia's spokesperson. Following the return of "Kangxi to the" program video, iro (iROO) for the small S to create a series of wear, sexy, sweet, casual multi-faceted.

June 28, 2012 On the day of the event, Xiao S wore a new season of iROO 2012 sexy new season, showing the unbeaten charming S curve, and on the scene with personal fashion taste interpretation of three sets of iROO new autumn and winter Fashion and wear outfit concept, but also the fashion stylist posture, to teach fans in different occasions wear fashion and confidence.

After the event, iROO will also hold a fan-vote event on the official Weibo account for three fashion referrals and further interact with fans to share the fashion ideas of the iShop and iROO brands.

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