Knowledge base for jade identification

October 17, 2019

The identification of Hetian jade is very important. In the process of purchasing, there must be a certain knowledge base. Only the more you understand, the less opportunities you have for being deceived. The following will briefly introduce the knowledge base of several types of identification based on actual needs. for reference.

Observed in practice, the jade craftsman often observes the mouth to view the jade, can cut a small piece, break it with a small hammer, observe the port, and is relatively glassy with strong toughness. The tough jade is not easy to break, and the fractural fracture is also uneven. The glassy jade fracture surface is bright and bright. It is called "bright" and resembles the shell shape. The jade between toughness and glassiness is usually called " It is greasy, "flesh," and its mouth is granular, parallel bundles, needles and so on. Through this observation, it is also possible to observe whether the jade has cleaving characteristics. If there is cleavage or cracking, the jade will break along the direction of cleavage or cracking when it continues to beat.

The ancients identify things personally, such as hand touch, smell smell, listen to the sound, see the quality, really jade is generally old jade, feel a bit heavy, good jade looks softer and smoother, looks fresh and natural, very smooth. Hetian jade is judged from five aspects: texture, hardness, transparency, specific gravity and color. The texture of jade is very fine. There is a difference between jade and stone. The touch of jade will have a more delicate feeling, and then it is gentle. The knot is translucent, the luster is somewhat like fat, the stone is extremely rough, there is no luster, and it is not transparent at all. The hardness refers to the ability of jade to resist pressure, wear and scratch.

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