COCOON 2012 autumn and winter ladies elegant color oriental charm

October 29, 2019

COCOON 2012秋冬女装 淡雅色彩东方神韵

COCOON 2012 autumn and winter blockbuster by the supermodel Danny again interpretation! Under the lens, Lee Danni incarnation of the retro girl. The buoy from the high plate, retro makeup, and pure and simple background integration, shows us the most aesthetically Oriental aesthetic, but also the most quiet autumn and winter world.

COCOON 2012秋冬女装 淡雅色彩东方神韵

COCOON 2012 autumn and winter fashion blockbuster into the essence of traditional oriental aesthetics, combined with the calm mood of the oriental culture, the whole group of large selection of pure and simple tone, with Chinese classical fine brushworking as the background, into the Chinese artful flowers and birds, Create empty and natural scenes of poetry and painting, full of moist atmosphere of scholarly book, wake up the people's memories of the time feelings. "We want to present the beauty and style of COCOON's exquisite craftsmanship in a poetic and traditional aesthetic way, reflecting the essence of design between vintage and modern." Cuoco Jian, COCOON's brand art director, said.

COCOON 2012秋冬女装 淡雅色彩东方神韵

COCOON 2012 autumn and winter products use elegant colors, creating a rich and oriental beauty of low-key luxury. Black and white are displayed unreservedly, a large number of black and white contrast from the color of the conflict reached a balance, outstanding three-dimensional and shocking people can not resist. Wonderful costumes in the wonderful interpretation of Li Danni, the two complement each other.

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