Warmly congratulate Kola brand women's four new store grand opening

November 07, 2019

Warmly congratulate Kola Yunnan Jingdong shop, Shenzhen Futian shop, Qingyuan Qingyuan shop, Hubei Wuhan store grand opening, Koula women are everywhere to seize the potential of the domestic women's market, Koala Women will be a first-class boutique, Li century brand, to create From self-confidence to happy woman! Here, I wish Kora's distributors, opened! Business is booming!


Garment Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Pose Zi Garments experienced many years of the apparel market research and preparation, launched in 2010 grandly Shu-Cola brand, the first year out of more than 50 stores, with the speed of the development of Europe Poseidon, the company in 2011 With a new image stationed by the Guangdong Provincial Government to create the "East Seine" Pearl River White Goose Tan cultural circle "1850" Creative Industry Park.

After years of development, Guangzhou OZ Clothing Co., Ltd. has standardized workshops and advanced garment design, development and garment equipment, and possesses a large number of senior design and marketing teams. At present, there are more than 100 national shops and more than 300 employees with strong strength.


Kola brand advocated life advocacy is: from self-confidence to happy woman. Fabric origin from South Korea, Japan, Europe and so on. The main customer base for 22-38-year-old fashion, elegant, romantic urban women, single product price positioning between 300-2000 yuan, the design style is mainly fashionable, elegant and feminine, brand personality: confident, elegant, Romantic, feminine. The main categories of structures include: jackets, shirts, shirts, skirts, vests, pants, windbreakers, sweaters, dresses, cotton, feather, leather and more.

Between gestures, launched an elegant and romantic travel, a hat for you to go to Paris, a bag let you experience the atmosphere of Milan fashion, a sunglasses you see New York, what elements are popular.

A first-class boutique, Li Bai century brand, to create a woman from self-confidence to happiness, Koala relentless pursuit of lasting development and development of ideas, I wish you and I work together to create a happier and better tomorrow!

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