JUMEL. Ruima brand women's high-quality cotton to achieve high quality of life

November 12, 2019

JUMEL "is a high-quality cotton, with its natural, delicate and comfortable characteristics of the" JUMEL "brand of high-quality life of the relentless pursuit!

The design team of JUMEL. Ruima brand is presided over by the senior law-holder of France, pursuing the combination of creativity and classics, design and practicality, paying attention to quality and products without loss of youth, insisting on creating a restrained and graceful style suitable for oriental women, Dedicated to 25-year-old 35-year-old intellectual pursuit of quality of life and design.

芮玛 - JUMEL

UMEL. Established in 2005, QiMa Fashion Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City was established in 2005. The main control staff of the brand has decades of experience in the women's wear industry. In addition, the stable, professional and efficient team is the "JUMEL." Brand sustainable development Cornerstone. All this makes "JUMEL. Ruima" is becoming one of the best brands!

JUMEL.芮玛品牌女装 高品质棉实现高品质生活

Brand style: romantic, introverted, vibrant new female style;

Age Location: 25 years old - 35-year-old urban women;

Rema women: They play a variety of roles in life, have a unique pursuit of judgments and judgments, they are delicate, subtle and emotional, neither made publicity, but also unwilling to mediocrity. . . . . .

This kind of warmth-keeping type is mainly for the long-term winter wear in the alpine areas or the colder Antarctic and Antarctic regions. Usually, it uses a very thick, completely wind-proof, waterproof and wear-resistant outer material + a lot of velvet and duck down. It has a relatively large self-weight, and generally belongs to the extended garment, so as to ensure that other warmth-keeping clothes can be easily put on inside.

Zipper Down Jacket

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