Ten years of red brand women's pursuit of fashion and romantic spirit of China

November 14, 2019

Ten years of red is China's high-end women's wear, headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Is a design, sales and service in one, with efficient management and humane management methods of the modern team.

Ten years of red as a fashion brand , in addition to women's own style of perseverance, investment, research and development at the same time, but also the pursuit of a spirit of life philosophy of self-confidence and happiness, fashion and romantic spirit of China.


Ten years of Red "Thanksgiving integrity, service comes first, communication and mutual assistance, enterprising and innovative" values ​​as a guide to create China's outstanding talent team and the Chinese brand, in the same industry even more outstanding business cohesion and combat effectiveness among the best.

Ten years of red has a strong and powerful supervisory team should be transported and a very good after-sales service system. Since its inception, widely favored by consumers. The company mainly in Shenzhen, Beijing, led by one after another in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenyang and other key cities and target cities to open stores. As a learning team, ten years of red constantly self-reflection, but also continue to draw a variety of advanced experience and knowledge to enhance the competitiveness and strength of the company.

十年红品牌女装 追求时尚与浪漫的中国精神

Mainly to women's fashion, will be attached to shoes and hats, bags, leather goods and other jewelry. Clothing types are jackets, shirts, trousers, long skirts, windbreaker, coats, vests and knitted products. The main raw materials for the products are mainly imported raw materials and high quality raw materials in China. Natural raw materials (cotton, hemp and silk) account for a large proportion.

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