Star cat CEO Li Yucheng: Marriage stars such as Han Geng create star value

November 23, 2019

Perhaps because of the exceptionally high popularity of Han Geng, LeStar Entertainment Star Star http:// is the sole partner around Han Geng's official website. After launching the Han Geng World Tour Commemorative Edition, More star brands began to enter the Star Cat platform, won more attention and hot netizens, many netizens believe that Star Cat platform will become the star of design products in the future, thus creating a new idea of ​​cooperation with the stars. Star design products: Star cat platform have attracted the attention of the star brand star cats continue to appear, so that users have more interest in Star Cat. Many users curious, why Star Cat can attract so many stars? To solve this problem, some netizens think that this is a unique competitive strategy for Star Cat. Some NetEase CEO Li Yucheng also has a close relationship with the entertainment industry and maintains good relations with many stars and entertainment companies. Star cat operation strategy: Star brand design into the best competitive weapon Star cat network is the first collection of Han Geng, Jordan Chan, Ying Cai children, Guan Lin, Chen Lu Yu and many other celebrity star brand goods network, Star Cat Star Brand Management Co., Ltd. is operating China's largest star brand and star design product development and management platform. Also involved in the development and sale of exclusive celebrity star and derivative products. Categories related to clothing, home textiles, shoes, accessories and so on. Target users for the majority of favorite stars, the pursuit of fashion user groups. Star Cat Star Brand Management Co., Ltd., is China's first star brand management and operation company, tailor-made for the stars own-brand, sales and service coverage of the country. The current operating brands are Chen Luyu's "Yu love" fashion intellectual high-end women, Chen Xiaochun should adopt children's "J & C" casual fashion men and women, the textile Zhuanzhilin, Han Geng's brand "Han Geng" and so on. Starbucks successfully attracted the focus of public opinion inside and outside the network, but also become the focus of netizens, there are market professionals believe that with Han Geng, Guan Lin, Chen Luyu, Chen Xiaochun, should adopt children And other star influence, there will be more fans gathered in the Star cats, and their favorite star design products zero distance contact. Star influence to attract fans to celebrity endorsements products for the Star Cat brand proliferation in the forums and Weibo, so as to achieve good brand awareness effect, no doubt Star cat in publicity and operational strategies, the stars will maximize their advantages At the same time, it has a high popularity from the outset, laying a good foundation for the future development. Star cat star strategy to start with Han Geng, the future will affect and affect more stars and fans, unique fresh strategy, reflecting the Star Cat's innovative awareness of change, but also reflects the Star Cat's keen strategic vision.

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