Jazz Fort Di men and joined dealers to create a win-win brilliant performance

December 27, 2019

Guangzhou Heng Trading Company is a design, production and sales as one of the modern garment enterprises. The strength of the economy, technology skills, advanced design. And has excellent management personnel, design talent, and marketing team, Jishi Shi company network throughout the country, the company always adhere to the market-oriented, brand-led business strategy, with "quality as the principle of sincere hospitality , People-oriented "business philosophy, the rapid expansion of the company in a few years, corporate strength has grown. Jazz Fort Di men and joining distributors to create a win-win brilliant performance The company's brand "jusybird" is derived from the famous French brand, is a well-known French brand by the French headquarters group company design, planning, producer. In the 90's to enter the Chinese market development, and authorized Guangzhou Grand Mercure Bird Clothing Co., Ltd. distributor in China. "Jusybird" brand focus on high-quality, high-level strategy line, with Jishibei company's strong strength and years of experience in the promotion of clothing brands, has now launched "jusybird" brand men's series: suits, trousers, casual series, shirts , T-shirts, jackets, sweaters, ties, belts, shoes and more. Jazz Fort Di men and joined the dealer to create a win-win brilliant performance jusybird Jazz Fort Di brand has been blooming in mainland China, all over the country have marketing network. We will be a high degree of responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit, is committed to creating a franchisee, distributors common development and promote each other, with the French Grand Mercure birds (Hong Kong) International Limited advanced management concepts and Guangzhou Jueshi Bird Clothing Co., Ltd. overall strength , And franchisees, distributors create a win-win brilliant performance.

Double face wool fabrics is fabric where either side can be used, these fabrics only have one layer of fabric and cannot be separated. 

These fabrics can easily be used for reversible garments including dresses or skirts. 

Double-Faced Wool Fabric offers our customers so many design options and possibilities because it has two sides of fabric to process .

Double Face Wool Fabric

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