AVIVI women's new fall and winter models to help you complete a private wardrobe

December 28, 2019

"AVIVI" (French meaning good spring, Chinese transliteration Yaweiwei ) is Hongkong's total distribution in the Mainland, founded in the late 1980s, has been developed for 18 years, the headquarters is located in Asia's financial and trade capital --- Hong Kong . Ya Weiwei brand women in the development of more than 10 years, gradually summed up their own corporate culture philosophy, research and development, design, produce a series of popular by many women's clothing.


Modern tasteful deep V-neck skirt, can not help but attract a lot of praise, hand bag with a lot of add color.

AVIVI女装秋冬款上新 帮你完备私人衣橱

Black mid-sleeved collar collar jacket with a patent-leather glove in cold winter perfect to create neutral IN air.

Ya Weiwei brand apparel elements of the quarter will be clever integration of Western elements, the design of the clothing is not only the big European and American Street beat Fan children, there are some Oriental soft women, such a brand, this design, how would not welcome it ?

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