Children's clothing for children "let love grow love let go" donation activity ended

December 28, 2019

Recently, the donation activity of "Making Love and Growing Love and Traveling" by Beijing Jiaman Garments Co., Ltd. came to a successful conclusion. In the past three months, Beijing Jiaman accumulated a total of 5934 new children's clothes donated to 16 schools in Yushu and Haidong areas in Qinghai Province, with a total value of about 1.3 million yuan. These full of love and common expectations of children's clothing, Jiajia company directly through the logistics company to reach the hands of children. It is reported that the children as a water costumes Beijing Jia Man Garments Co., Ltd.'s main brand, the company from top to bottom have implemented the "good if the water," the corporate culture. As Cao Shengkui, chairman of Beijing Jiaman Garments Co., Ltd., said: "The company manages and develops the brand with the culture of water. We have a pure and transparent heart like water. We have a harmonious lifestyle like water. We have a Kind of work-like spirit of fighting like water. "It is precisely because of this corporate culture of children and children have this year," Let love grow and make love travel "public welfare activities. So that children in poor areas can wear beautiful clothes to enjoy their colorful childhood only. The children selected for this activity are poor primary schools in underdeveloped areas. For example, the orphan school organized by Sunqian Welfare School of Sun Moon Welfare School in Huaqin County has 173 orphans and 18 faculty members. New dormitory under construction, individual classes are still tents classroom, children and teachers are in tents accommodation. At the donation ceremony of 1868 sets of "Water Boy" Winter Suffering County Qianqian County, the deputy magistrate and governor of Zha Zha of Zhiming Mingzhu, looking at the brand-new winter clothes, said with excitement that there is no gorgeous lexical modification and very short and superb words: "This year Winter is not cold. " It is understood that there are still many primary schools in Yushu, many teachers and students still board room after the earthquake, the plateau of the winter is approaching, plate house hard to resist the cold. Water children's clothing at this time served the children's hands, it is helpless. Good deeds are not temporary shows, but genuine feelings, caring, fulfilling responsibilities. According to the relevant sources, water children and children packed in the future, will increase investment in public welfare events, so that enterprises do public welfare become a normal state to fulfill their social responsibilities. At the same time, I hope I can bring more people to participate. It not only provides comfortable and beautiful clothes for children in cities, but also provides poor children in remote areas with equal rights to enjoy "colorful childhoods." Kids will be accompanied by children all over China, healthy and happy growth, I hope children get more than just a set of clothes, but also hope that the "care" to more people. Let love grow, let love travel.


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