Ju Menglai: How should the quilt be dried?

December 28, 2019

The best time to dry the quilt is between 10 am and 2 pm in the air, and until 1 pm in the winter. The quilt is easy to absorb moisture, so it should be collected as soon as possible. So what should the quilt do?

In addition, when drying the quilt, in order to avoid direct sunlight, it can be covered with sheets, but the quilt should be turned over in the middle so that both sides can be evenly exposed to the sun.

The quilt is full of causes of allergies in some people. As shown in the figure, it is covered with a black cloth or a black cover that is easy to absorb heat. The black cloth absorbs heat at a high temperature and can kill insects.

Should the quilt be exposed to the sun for a few days? Because the quilt is made of different materials, the number and time of drying are different.

Kapok is twice a week, and the sun is three to four hours. Synthetic cotton is once a week, ideal for two to three hours.

The wool was sunbathed twice a month and sun-dried for two hours. The feathers are exposed once a month, 30 minutes in the summer, and one hour in the winter, in the shade.

Feathers can also be placed in a chair and placed indoors, as long as it can be ventilated.

When the quilt is wet by the rain, immediately wipe it with a dry towel and blow it dry with a warm air blower. (Gu Menglai Home Textiles)

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