Brett Ti Ti women's brand personality without losing the elegant, simple and yet stylish

December 28, 2019

Brett Ti Ti brand apparel, has always uphold the "innovative thinking, independent style," the design concept, to create a "personality without losing the elegant, simple yet stylish" style of taste. With its unique aesthetic tendencies, simple outline shapes and exquisite details, it releases the latest international trends and fashion elements, demonstrating the unique and elegant taste of modern urban fashion women and pursuing freedom.


(brett) than Ti fashion brand in August 2011 formally entered the mainland, now has direct sales, joined dozens of stores, mainly in (Guangdong, Guangxi, Chongqing, Fujian, Hunan, Hubei) which shopping malls: Yellow River Fashion City, 4th Floor, Brett Ti Ti women's flagship store

brett比缇品牌女装  个性而不失优雅、简洁而不失有型

Commodity price positioning

Spring Summer Top: 179-499 Jacket: 259-599 Skirt: 259-499 Dress: 359-699

Autumn and Winter Tops: 259-599 Jacket: 399-1399 Skirts: 259-599 Dress: 259-799

Wool: 199-599 coat: 599-1599 Leather: 599-1899

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