7 strokes to easily solve the problem of grinding high heels

January 01, 2020

[This site - shoes and life] 1. With a wet towel rubbing the feet of the shoes for a few minutes, and then take a soft dry towel to squeeze the place where the feet, with a hammer to knock a few, place the shoes grinding feet Percussion is smooth, and the shoe's cortex becomes soft and flat.

2. Take a newspaper and knead it into a ball. Sprinkle some water. Don't be too wet. But make the whole group stained with water. Then take a dry newspaper and wrap in a wet newspaper, stuff it in the squeezed area, and put the shoes. Seal it in a plastic bag and stay overnight.

3. If the new shoes are too small and pinch their feet, use a wet towel to dampen them.

4. Before putting on the shoes, first take a block of soap (usually with a candle) and apply a thin layer on the part that touches the heel most. The heel will therefore become smooth without grinding the feet.

5. Whether it is the place where the shoes have been rubbed into your feet, you can apply a bit of white liquor where the shoes are worn to ensure that you do not grind.

6. When you buy a new shoe, you can use a hair dryer to blow the soft part of the heel and the front presser foot. This works well.

7. Follow the instructions above to buy a heel sticker from the supermarket. Not only do not wear ankles, but also make shoes more close to the feet, very good.

How to "wear" health?

Health shoes sign

1. Toe Height: It is best to choose toe shoes that can be slightly curved in the toe, and at least 0.5~1cm space for toe activity.

2. Hard and wide body: Avoid left and right shaking. The width of the shoes should not be too narrow and there should be 0.5cm of free space.

3. The lower part of the ankle should be soft: The heel must be hard to protect the feet.

New shoes to add soft insoles

When wearing high-heeled shoes, a soft insole can be attached to the arch of the foot to reduce the pressure on the sole of the foot. In addition, the heel height is best not to be too high, the most suitable 3 ~ 5cm, the heel should not be too fine, otherwise it is difficult to stably support the weight, the toe is best not to narrow, so that the soles of the feet and toes to breathe.

Don't wear high heels everyday

Women who like to wear high heels, it is best not to exceed 2 hours a day, so as not to affect health. It may be advisable to prepare a pair of comfortable flat shoes and high heels alternately in the office to reduce the fatigue of the foot.

Appropriate use of anti-slip, shock pad

When you wear sandals, you can apply a slip-proof or shock-proof pad to the forefoot of your feet, which can relieve the pressure on the soles.

Go home to often massage the foot

Wearing high-heeled shoes, due to weight pressure, will start with pain from the middle of the toes and the soles of the feet. As time goes by, the bones and joints in this area will degenerate earlier. Regular foot massage can relieve the pressure on the ligaments, promote blood circulation, and relieve pain in the feet and legs.

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