Men's shoes women wear the most fashionable neutral Oxford shoes are favored

January 01, 2020

This site on October 25 hearing, Oxford shoes has a long history, but the trend of men's shoes and women's wear led by Oxford shoes has become more and more fierce in recent quarters, and has almost become an essential part of creating British style. One of the products. Simple and lightweight Oxford shoes are also loved by Hollywood actresses. From the point of view of European and American star street shooting, except for a few oxford shoes that have hollow design, high-heeled transformation, candy color, and other feminine designs, they are large in color and style. Some have been infinitely close to men's shoes. Is there a pair of Oxford shoes in your closet?

Classic black and white, with black and white Oxford shoes

Classic black and white, with black and white Oxford shoes, this match will not go wrong, but it lacks bright spots. So a thin waistband or a red clutch can add a lot to the day.

Black Oxford shoes with white stockings and printed dress

Black Oxford shoes with white silk stockings and printed dress, will be mixed with soft and neutral wind, red round glasses, like a British doll.

Leopard and black look low-key but gorgeous

Leopard and black look low-key but gorgeous. The golden nostalgic little jacket echoes the Leopard Oxford shoes at the foot. It's very elegant, but it looks rather casual, but the details are quite elaborate.

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