Sell ​​jewelry like fashion

January 03, 2020

Sell ​​jewelry like fashion Zhou Dafu, who has been operating jewelry gold for 75 years in Hong Kong, witnessed the transformation of the jewellery era, constantly pursued development in innovation, and paid close attention to the pulse of marketing to maintain the leading position of the market.

Chinese people have always loved gold jewelry, not only because of its ability to preserve value, but also because it condenses the charm of Chinese culture. In the past, gold jewelry was used every time during the festive season. Wearing gold and silver was a symbol of richness, status, and identity, but it had never been connected with fashion. However, since the development of jewelry culture so far, consumer groups have formed a multi-level and multi-category market demand. There have been considerable changes in the values ​​and consumption patterns of jewelry. Only from the simple price to the style, the design, and the ratio Craftsmanship is the most competitive marketing strategy in the jewelry industry.

“Buyout Price” The 999.9 pure gold jewelry first created by Chow Tai Fook in the 1960s was a time-honored story. It was a successful example of the gold jewelry industry at that time. Since the 1990s, it has also taken the lead in adopting the "jewelry and jewelry" policy. By using small profits and quick sales, it has saved the time for bargaining. Even if it bears the risk of a difference in the price of gold, it has established a "good price" trademark. .

Making Jewelry a Necessity of Life In recent years, Chow Tai Fook has taken the lead in creating a breakthrough marketing concept of “jewelry fashion and jewelry life”, turning jewelry into a necessities of life, turning jewelry into a fashion, and even an art.

Chow Tai Fook recognizes that the past single-piece styles of distribution can no longer meet today’s consumers’ desire to purchase. In the process of purchasing, they pursue their artistic literacy, cultural taste, individuality and style, and they like a piece of art. Individualistic trend jewelry is no longer simply the value of the product itself. The shift in consumption patterns further prompted Zhou Dafu to innovate, rejuvenate the brand, decorate the store, and launch the CTF2 product line for young consumers to absorb and expand market share.

The fashion wind has blown into the mainland CTF2 with the complete production technology and resources of Chow Tai Fook as the backing, taking full advantage of the marketing market, and making full use of the innovative thinking of the new brand in design ideas. CTF2's concept of “jewelry fashion and daily life” is based on jewellery matching with fashion design. It integrates two different levels of life art and successively launches a series of jewellery products with artistic elements, such as the Dream of Red Mansions black jade series, with contemporary jewelry. Designing and interpreting oriental classical architectural culture, materials are not limited to gold diamond jewellery. It aims to highlight style design and craftsmanship, create a fashion mark, and turn products into an indispensable living habit or hobby for buyers. At the same time, Chow Tai Fook has mastered the psychology of consumers, adopts an open-minded attitude, and embraces well-known designers with a status of success. This will enhance the space for the production of product styles, and the marketing position is quite clear, marking another milestone for accessories.

As Hong Kong’s jewelry brands have already established a good foundation and credibility, the Hong Kong jewellery and jewellery industry will develop more rapidly in China after the implementation of closer economic and trade relations. In addition, the mainland jewelry design is still in its infancy. There is no professional training and the design talent is relatively scarce. Therefore, fashion jewelry should have great development potential in the Mainland. Buying designs and buying styles will gradually become their purchasing model, which will set off a wave of jewelry.

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