Sin dance clothing for all the women wear extraordinary elegance

January 23, 2020

In conformity with the trend of change, follow the eternal elegance, is the essence of fashion, in a pragmatic manner, with uncompromising quality, with the wonderful details with, determined to let all the women wear extraordinary Elegant and full lady style. Western dance clothing fusion Eastern and Western clothing culture essence, the latest fashion information, and calmly and leisurely in clothing as a carrier to tell the time and space changes and perception of life. Romantic and simple, sensual and calm, to create casual, well-behaved yet subtle elegance.

茜舞 - xiwu

The origin of the brand's creation comes from the "Pearl of the Orient" in Hong Kong. It integrates the aesthetics of Chinese and Western cultures, with oriental charm and romance. The fashion element conveyed by the city of Hong Kong leads the world in popularity and personality fashion. All this Should bear the pursuit of this brand of natural, sentimental life, to create a comfortable brand spirit.


Age: 25-40 years old Spirit and awareness: taste, quality of life, the pursuit of fashion, personality, casual white-collar women and successful women.

Consumer class: OFFICE white-collar workers, urban upstart, business management, freelance managers, fashion leaders.

Quality of life: usually busy with work, like to travel leisure, like to go out with some petty bourgeois or high-end places, quality luxury but not extravagant life, willing to invest in building their own in front of the public image.

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