Ayou women's open Xiaobailou Tianjin dream trip

January 24, 2020

In 1860, the imperialist countries took the lead in invading the concessions in Tianjin. The original Xiaobailou area was the concession of the United States. The nearly 100-year continuous development and gradual prosperity have formed the Xiaobailou Commercial Street, which is familiar to people today.

Tianjin "Xiaobailou", the area is not large, but the fame not only in Tianjin are familiar with, foreign tourists also know that there is a small white floor in Tianjin, and even some foreigners have come there to look for the dreams of the past.


Today, Ayou also started her Xiaobailou dream trip ... ...

In this charismatic Haihe River, Ayu makes full use of Xiaobailou unique historical and cultural resources, and then with the bright modern style, rich combination of exotic style decoration, successfully demonstrated Ayu unique personality.


Aoyou Tianjin Xiaobailou shop


Aoyou Tianjin Xiaobailou shop

A small shop in Tianjin Xiaobailou ~ 58 West Nanjing Road, Hexi District, Tianjin


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