Make both healthy and beautiful no longer contradictory - Su Rui underwear

February 01, 2020

With its vigorous love for the temptation, it is better to come to a temperament revolution. Temperament is inherent, but not illusory, it go hand in hand. Su Rui , is your inner, your fiber qualities. Only sexy is not enough, 窈 窕 Mature, a beautiful and elegant turn around, so love for you tempted. Quality is the exclusive classic, just as femininity is the exclusive Rui Rui. Only the professional taste of refined grasp, in order to deep bone marrow femininity precipitation classic.

素芮 - soeru

Su Rui with memory alloy nickel titanium ring successfully replace the traditional stainless steel rims, broke the lingerie manufacturers in the past, regardless of women are not suitable, blindly pursue the United States, to sacrifice the health of the ordinary steel underwear production. Ordinary stainless steel ring strength, too hard, to ensure that the chest, but adverse to health; wear no rims bra more healthy and comfortable, but poor chest shape, will undermine the overall curve of the United States.


Suri for the thousands of women bring the gospel, so beautiful and healthy are no longer contradictions, but the organic combination. Shanghai Su Rui underwear Square will be strong, high-end quality, reasonable price to create China's smart body lingerie model.

The alpaca makes warmer fabrics as its silky soft fleece.

Alpaca wool fabrics are soft, durable, luxurious and silky , lustrous, warmer, not prickly, and has no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic and it is a real escape for those with sensitive skin .

The warmth of the alpaca is similar with that of sheep's wool, but alpaca is softer and more malleable. It is most commonly chosen by designers to create one-of-a-kind sweaters, scarves, gloves, and hats. 

Alpaca Wool Fabric

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