Advanced Custom Tuxedo What you need to be aware of

February 11, 2020

To some extent, Mo Yan's success is like Xu Haifeng in 1984, Los Angeles Olympic gold medal breakthrough. Right now, there are awards and awards on the red carpet - even celebrities who have no work at all - go for two laps in Cannes for the camera's click. Although the Nobel Prize, the presentation scene is not as good as MTV, CCTV and other entertainment events in the name of the TV event was very lively, but the academic honor of international awards have their own set of rules. To participate in the ceremony dress, Nobel Prize committee has very detailed rules, if you want to go to Stockholm to attend the award ceremony, you need a set of silk satin black tuxedo: the collar of blue tuxedo jacket and ribbon striped pants, Inside with a hard white shirt, collar not only to quite, but also with a silver or white collar buckle, cufflinks; in addition to the lower open white vest, black socks, white pocket towel and black dress shoes. However, the position is always relative, there is always another point of view against the opposite. Although literary creation itself is a very personal creative act, the consideration and encouragement of the Nobel Prize is only a mere creation activity of this individual. No particular consideration has been given to the ethnic and ethnic attributes behind the individual. This coincides with the Olympic Games There is a fundamental difference between the national sports qualities - so when Mo Yan is regarded as literary version of "Liu Xiang," the various flavors have in fact subtly changed. In such a country full of a high degree of national pride, there are naturally many people looking forward to hope that Mo Yan will use the oriental classical Chinese clothing appearance to attend the award - just as many people need to wear evening dresses Scottish dress, wearing a Scottish skirt to attend same. And the mention of Western-style evening dress, then the light dovetail is always called ordinary pedestrians respectful - is not the ideal figure Gaoshuifu, and how to control the difficulty of this high degree of dress code? Thinking about this issue is not a matter of concern. Among the masters who have historically received the Nobel Prize, there are not many people who can wear a tuxedo to wear a jade tree. In fact, Mo Yan can fully learn the 1964 Nobel Prize-winning prize winner Sartre - when he knew he was the winner of the year, he wrote a statement rejecting the award, saying "I do not accept all official honors I only accept freedom without any restrictions. " If Mo Yan thinks he should wear a Tang suit, Han suit or Zhongshan dress market, he can also use "I accept without any restrictions" remarks to protest his freedom of dress. Of course, Mo Yan does not need to give up huge bonuses and certificate medals for a dress code that is insignificant compared to the prize itself, but since going to Stockholm, the rules of romance have to be observed somewhat, although the figure is a bit bloated, Some skills can grasp. With reference to all Chinese podium appearance, in fact, Mo Yan do not have to worry about the issue of dress: Ang Lee how to stand on the podium of the Academy Awards, Mo Yan can do the trick - tuxedo inappropriate, then the conventional flat under the pendulum Evening suits always have the right, of course, silky satin collar inevitably seem overworked, and Mo Yan's style of writing is too far away, the index of fashion moderate gun collar and conservative flat collar down is very safe, some elegant fabrics do not What kind of fault, after all, is the occasion of the dinner, dark brown velvet fabric can be considered, as pocket scarves and brooches of a class of Accessories, if not this autumn and winter men's clothing show PRADA Adrien Brody, it is best to look at it, wear A law-abiding, wide-format tie, even if successful. On the tuxedo, you need to know the Nobel Prize committee to dress guests is very strict rules. In fact, in daily life, wearing a tuxedo also has strict rules: In addition to be accompanied by vests, but also to catch brooches, collar buckles and bow ties. The traditional tuxedo collar is a peaked lapel, with silk satin on the collar. Short front clothing, back swagger dovetail from the waist below the line (vent) - also posed as a formal suit style, this is called "tail suit." The vest inside the dress should be a white dress vest, the pants need to be the same material as the coat, and the sides are decorated with two side pieces. You can do a set of tuxedos in most high-end custom stores, but you need to be aware of the following points when customizing. Choose fabrics: weight, number of shares ... ... If you are not experienced in advanced customization, I am afraid it is difficult in the choice of cloth doorways. In fact, you can let the brand to help you choose the fabric: In Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry and Zegna stores, there are some high-priced well-known British fabric brands to choose from. Choose a color: mostly tuxedo black and blue, if it is the first time making a tuxedo, black is a safer choice. After the master is familiar with your figure, choose some other colors. Choose style: Tuxedo is divided into two styles, the first is a high lapel, and is a symmetrical triangle, buckle buckle when the shape of the British-style. The second is French - the main feature is a longer front swing. If you are the first to custom shop, it is recommended to listen to the advice of the tailor. Choose to work: After choosing the fabric and style, now rely on tailor skill - you can ask, but you can not predict how the tailor will start to tailor you. This is why high-level custom make people expect the reason. How to choose a good tailor and trust him, for many novice is not an easy task. Choosing accessories for tuxedos In the tuxedo dress code, there are some very popular accessories, such as cufflinks and collars made of mother-of-pearl, and you can wear exquisite white leather gloves. For those watch enthusiasts, a pocket watch is in the choice of range. But treat it as purely decorative - in some formal occasions, picking up a watch to see the time would be considered a manifestation of rudeness. You can choose a watch made of platinum, platinum, gold or silver. For example, a model with 17 gems shaft eyes, the central groove, carved back cover and sapphire crystal watch, the world's limited edition of 180 Longines limited edition watch; or from Jacques Droun, Ivory dawn enamel dial engraved Brand Hide The ivory-white enamel pocket watch on the gold-plated back of a clover identifies the logical fit for a formal occasion. In addition, you may also need a white pocket towel.

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