FOREVERANNA Wei Aina women's 2013 spring new look ahead

February 22, 2020

The cold winter in 2012 has not yet passed, but FOREVERANNA Wei Aina Women has brought the early spring 2013 fashion, Vivendi women's elegant, stylish, graceful, simple, pay attention to the style of simple, version of the comfort And exquisite details, reflecting the new era of women's elegant, casual life with the loss of the softness of oriental women. To create a beautiful and romantic temperament of the beautiful image of the family; affinity, decent without losing the fashion and charming qualities; elegant without making, luxury without publicity, such as incense-like long exudes charm, it is memorable.


Colorful printing patterns inadvertently reveal the subtle sexy, black girdle perfect income, with a small buckle white suit, simple and elegant, to create a fresh and gorgeous range of children.


Vibrant and vibrant green blooming in the warm sun, the more dazzling, sweet lotus leaf to create tenderness feminine, MIX black shorts, to create the same sense of fashion and elegance.

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