Shulan "big hands holding small hands" charity public activities hot in China

February 24, 2020

Shulang large heart warm warm winter program - Shulan "big hands small hand" charity China line activities in progress

Your love, Shurang a responsibility. Since Scholang "big hand in hand" love China line activities start up, lasted a week, Shulan "big hand holding small hand" concerned about the children's charity activities by the community's attention and support. As of December 27, 811 donated clothes, 5906 bazaar and 29530 yuan donation were collected, and the caring activities are still continuing.




In-store display


Love shopping guide to introduce customers to this event


Love donation box

In this event, Shu Lang's brand GOGIRL less Shu loaded, GOGIRL KIDS children's clothing stores nationwide linkage, the donated clothing and donations will be donated in the name of donors all Red Cross, we will keep track of fund-raising process, so that love Warm this winter.

Since the launch of this activity, whether it is GOGIRL less Shu loaded, GOGIRL KIDS children's wear shopping malls using broadcast media, or store POP, DM single page, posting love fund posters, shopping guide who gloves, the store display comic book , Are recording the Sholan staff for the sick children made a little bit of effort, brings together the love from all directions, the country store shopping guide as a link, through various forms of positive publicity for the charity to raise good It accumulates the love of more and more people in society, and the warmth is suffering from pain and suffering and urgently needs help. During the event, where in GOGIRL, GOGIRL KIDS store spending 258 yuan, 5 yuan to buy the original price of 198 yuan a pair of love gloves, the $ 5 will be as a fund for children's love fund accumulated after the event, the first Time donated to the Red Cross for the relief of sick children. At the same time, GOGIRL KIDS children's clothing spending over 258 yuan, will receive a comic book a. Other brands under Schuler's brand pick up the baton of love and promote the loving activities through a series of activities such as Shurangi and its American rattan, drunkenness, and Keleiomu, masterpiece shopping slips 6 More than 50% discounts and discount products over the set by 100 yuan; 5 fold and below discount products, less than a thousand rounds wipe zero, more than a thousand dollars, off again, causing widespread concern in the community, led More and more people are joining the ranks of loving public welfare activities to contribute their contributions and give back to the community.

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