Romantic woman heart underwear: high quality bra need to meet four conditions

June 05, 2020

For women, choose their own underwear is necessary. A suitable underwear to achieve the perfect breast shape, the role of healthy breasts. What is the quality of underwear, high prices, the right size? not necessarily! Romantic woman heart underwear to tell you a good quality bra need to meet four conditions: shoulder strap, cut pieces, steel care, fabric.


Romantic woman heart product illustration

1 shoulder strap

Strap weight, can play a pull, stabilize the role of the breast, to prevent sagging breasts. If the shoulder strap is not enough elasticity, then your breast will always be difficult to contend the gravity of the center of gravity, gradually drooping.

2 pieces

Cut pieces to determine the integrity of the breast. As we all know, tailor-made, cups should follow this principle. Therefore, in the cup filled with any sponge body, water bag, breast pad, etc. are not scientific. If the piece does not depend on the natural shape of the breast and three-dimensional cut, then the breast is not complete or deformed.


Romantic woman heart product illustration

3 steel support steel support (steel ring) like the dam of the reservoir, play a role in locking the breast. High-quality underwear, steel plate locking force is crucial.

4 fabric fabric quality or not, is directly related to wearing the underwear comfort, breathability.

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