Wearing accessories in social activities

June 26, 2020

In social activities, in addition to paying attention to the choice of clothing, people also need to wear rings, earrings, necklaces, brooches and other accessories according to the requirements of different occasions.

The ring is generally worn only on the left hand, and it is best to wear only one piece, at most two, and when wearing two rings, it can be worn on the two connected fingers of the left hand, or on the fingers of the two hands. The wearing of the ring can be said to express a silent language, often implying the wearer's marriage and mate selection. The ring is worn on the middle finger, indicating that there is already an Italian person, who is in love; wearing on the ring finger means being engaged or getting married; wearing on the little finger means implying that he is a single person; if you put the ring on the index finger On, said no or even marriage proposal. Some people wear several rings on their hands to show off their wealth. This is not advisable. [1]

Earrings are the main jewellery for women, and their use is second only to rings. Earrings should be selected according to the characteristics of the face when wearing. For example, round face should not wear round earrings, because the small circle of earrings combined with the large circle of the face will strengthen the signal of "circle"; square face should not wear round and square earrings because of round and square Juxtaposed, in contrast, the square is more square and the circle is more round.

Necklaces are also one of the main jewels favored by women. There are many types of it, which can be roughly divided into two series of metal necklaces and jewelry necklaces. Wearing a necklace should be coordinated with your age and size. For example, a woman with a slender neck wears a faux silk chain, which is more delicate and delicate; the whip chain is thick and mature, suitable for older women. Wearing a necklace should also echo the clothing. For example, when wearing a soft, elegant silk dress, you should wear a delicate, delicate necklace that looks charming and attractive; when wearing a monochrome or plain clothing, you should wear a bright color necklace. In this way, under the embellishment of jewelry, the color of the clothing can be rich and active.

In addition, brooches and handkerchiefs can also be used as accessories. They are matched with clothes and have a contrasting beauty and a harmonious beauty, which makes people look more graceful.

home decoration

Home accessories refer to the second-degree furnishings and layout of the interiors after the decoration is completed, using accessories and furniture that are easy to change and change positions, such as curtains, sofa covers, cushions, craft tablecloths, decorative crafts, and decorative wrought iron. There are also cloth, paintings, plants and so on. As a movable decoration, home accessories can better reflect the taste of the owner. It is the crowning touch for creating a home atmosphere. It breaks the boundaries of the traditional decoration industry and re-creates crafts, textiles, collectibles, lamps, flowers, plants, etc. Combine to form a new concept. According to the size and shape of the living room, the living habits of the owner, the hobbies and the respective economic conditions, the home accessories can comprehensively plan the decoration and decoration design plan.

Homeadornsaproduct: From the current general understanding, it is a soft decoration [soft decoration, soft decoration], that is, household items that can fall down the house can also include various household appliances. Including decorative ornaments, pendants, fabrics, etc. are removable. All products of China Home Wholesale Network should fall into this category. However, there is currently no standard in China, so all aspects are mixed and take time.

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