5 things in the bed of a healthy bedroom

June 30, 2020

Core Tips: Soft cushions, fresh green plants, and early alarm clocks, these little things that are essential for every bed, are likely to affect your health all the time.


Some people like to put the pillow on the bed and pile it aside while sleeping, which has an effect on the cervical spine and sleep. First of all, the most suitable pillow height is 10 to 12 cm, and the pillows and pillows will increase their height. Secondly, the pillows will hide some pathogenic microorganisms, mites, dust, and are easily inhaled into the nose and mouth to induce bronchial problems. Finally, miscellaneous A wide variety of beds can also put pressure on people's minds, while taking up space and making people sleep uncomfortable.

Alarm clock.

Frequent wake-up by bedside alarms can cause chronic stress, causing problems such as high blood pressure, decreased sleep quality, and depression. The alarm clock should preferably be 1.8 meters from the bed or placed further afield.

Green plants.

Green plants can purify the air, increase oxygen content, and relieve tension. However, the respiration of green plants at night will inhale oxygen and release carbon dioxide. It is easy for people to stay in an oxygen-deficient environment for a long time, and it is difficult to enter deep sleep, resulting in persistent fatigue. In addition, a large amount of mold may be hidden in the soil, which may cause respiratory diseases such as allergies or asthma. If you need a green planting point, you can place a small amount of hydroponic plants such as rich bamboo or cactaceae plants.

Small appliances such as radios.

Any appliance should be kept away from the bed. Although some appliances are small in size, the amount of radiation cannot be underestimated, such as radios, mobile phone chargers, and small mosquito killers. If you really need it, it's best to keep it in a corner away from the bed. The power strip should be at least 2 meters away from the bed, otherwise the radiation will become larger when it is energized, which will affect health.

Plush toys.

The surface of the plush toy is easy to hide dust, bacteria and formaldehyde, and some "three no" plush toys are filled with harmful chemical fibers, which can easily cause tears, erythema, and even respiratory and skin infections. Do not place any plush toys in the bedroom, especially if you can't let your child sleep.

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