Although the glass tableware looks good, be careful when selecting materials.

July 22, 2020

[China Glass Network] Every summer vacation is a period of high incidence of children's accidents. The kitchen, especially the curious babies, loves to mess around. When purchasing supplies, many consumers will pay special attention. Nowadays, more and more glassware is found in household items, including tableware and cooking utensils, which are resistant to high temperatures and are not easy to break. For these glass tableware pots, consumers also have doubts: Is it "safe to fall", is it safe enough? Different quality of glass products, the specific material, the scope of use is not the same, mistakenly bought and misused is prone to glass bursting and injury. The China Consumers Association has also issued a warning that there is no so-called heat-resistant tempered glass product or tempered heat-resistant glass product in the domestic market, and consumers are urged to carefully understand the material properties when choosing glassware.



Tempered glass:

Anti-fall, but not heat resistant, generally not for open flames

At present, the glassware that consumers often come into contact with in home life mainly includes three categories: ordinary glass, tempered glass and heat-resistant glass. Most people know that ordinary glass cannot be used for high-temperature heating in ovens and microwave ovens, but it is easy to mistakenly use tempered glass as a cooking tool.

The Chinese culinary association has roughly calculated that the use rate of glassware in the catering industry exceeds 20%, especially in the hot pot industry. In the industry, glassware explosions and employee injuries often occur. In fact, employees do not know which Can be heated directly. This is still the case in the catering industry, and similar situations in the average family may be more serious.


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