Summer perspective wear can not be worn and cool

July 31, 2020

Ben Wang, August 26, the perspective of the equipment can give people a clear and cool feeling, but also show a curvaceous way, it can always attract a lot of attention. In addition to sexy see-through dresses, there are also practical see-through outfits for everyday wear. Today we will take a look at the see-through outfits brought by the influxes.

Mesh perspective of the black casual T, transparent material, particularly sexy, loose version of the type, take a tube top, showing a curvaceous, take white shorts and short boots, casual and stylish.

Semi-perspective + candy-colored casual long T, texture light and breathable, no sense of sultry, loose version type, a good sense of drape, white casual shorts, gives a refreshing effect.

The overall is a transparent lace material blouse, super feminine, micro-collar lace collar details with a little European palace feeling, A word version, loose and comfortable, with Slim jeans, showing elegant OL style.

The romantic carved translucent T, part of the body transparent, wearing straps are very nice to see, loose version type, with H version of the slim skirt, the effect is very natural, wear a very feminine sense of a lady.

Romantic perspective chiffon blouse, especially the cuff sleeve cuff design is very sweet, and very clear temperament, clear single product, wear straps worn inside, high-waist print shorts with, both look elegant atmosphere and gives light and lively sense.

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