Mix and match style fall mix and match little witch

August 03, 2020

Mashup has become one of the most popular collocation in today's society, and it is also one of the must-learn collocation. In autumn and winter, are you still worried about dressing? In fact, it is very simple now for the mothers Weapon, recommended several mix and match so that mothers can easily shape the little girl for children. Photo credit: De Munster Children's Wear 2013 autumn and winter new mix and match is a fashion nouns, but also let this mix and match to bring children fashion trend, not the same fabric stitching, not the same dress, the same comfortable style, enjoy Mix and match brings you the ultimate charm, pink is the color children will love, with leopard lace, a woolen skirts, stars Leggings, the color is not the same, but the same fashion. Photo Credit: De Munster Children's clothing 2013 autumn and winter new autumn mix and change little witch, the child itself can adapt to all the styles with children as long as the new dress will feel particularly nice, plush coat style, with a leopard Spliced ​​chiffon dress, do not think sweet pink with wild Leopard will not be uncoordinated, this has no effect at all, this is the mashup fashion.

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