Knitting and maintenance tips!

July 30, 2019

1. Knitted clothes Before washing, take dust and soak in cold water for 10 to 20 minutes. After taking out, squeeze out the water, put it into the washing powder solution or soap dish solution, rinse gently, then rinse with water. In order to ensure the color of the wool, 2% acetic acid (food vinegar) can be added to the water to neutralize the residual soap.

2. tea wash sweater (white clothing is best not to use this method), not only can clean the dust, but also to make yarn does not fade and prolong life.

The washing method is: use 1 pot of boiling water, put a proper amount of tea leaves, wait until the tea leaves are soaked, after the water is cool, filter out the tea leaves, soak the sweater (line) in tea for 15 minutes, then gently rub several times, then use water. Rinse clean.

3. White knitwear will gradually darken when worn for a long time. If placed in the freezer after washing sweaters for 1 hour and then dry out to white as new. If the dark sweater has dust, available squeezed sponge dampened with water, gently wipe.

So how do you dry it after washing? This is a more critical issue.!!
Don't use clothes hanging. If you use clothes hanging, it is easy to deform our PP knitwear ...
So.. we can take the following two methods:

1. Avoid exposure to sunlight, which will destroy its luster and elasticity, making it yellow and black. After washing should be dried sweater embodiment, ventilated dry place, preferably flat and in accordance with the prototype of the laundry placed in order to avoid distortion. You can also avoid ironing.

2. If it is not possible to lay flat, it is best to put it in the net pocket. However, there may be a slight shrinkage!

After washing we deal with, another problem arises: incredible, sweater pilling up!

In fact, there will always be friction wear sweaters, fabric fibers will loose out in motion, intertwined, bunched up into a lump is formed pompon. This phenomenon exists more or less on natural fibers and chemical fiber fabrics. The national textile industry standard only serves as a reference indicator for pilling problems and is not used as an indicator. Pilling mainly affects the appearance, and it is no problem for the intrinsic quality. It is also a textile technology problem that has yet to be solved internationally.

So how can we prevent this phenomenon and try to extend the life of our baby?

First, at the time of purchase, in respect of attention to it! Weaving exquisite, in general, needle, fine yarns, tightness of coarse needles, coarse yarn, loose structure of the sweater is not easy pilling. It feels tight and not fluffy. In the spinning process, the manufacturer makes the wool yarn feel soft, and the thread twist of the spinning is relaxed, so that the inter-fiber cohesion is relatively loose. When the sweater is rubbed, the short fibers are easily slipped from the yarn. Come out and form a small ball. Just twist some tight, less pilling, but the sweater will feel stiffer. Some thicknesses are thin. Most thin sweater flat needle-sided shirt, pin ring density than loose, easy to play ball. The majority of the thick points are four flat idling, the density of the stitches is tight, and the fibers are tightly held together. After the yarn is rubbed, the fibers are relatively slipped from the yarn, and it is difficult to pilling.

After buying it, we have to take good care of it. To reduce the pilling, try to avoid rubbing against rough surfaces. Some parts with more friction opportunities, such as sleeves and table tops, sofa armrests, inner pockets, wallets, etc., as well as long-term backpacks, wearing rough outerwear without lining, especially pilling, should minimize such contact. To show fewer local out of pilling, finger gently pulling or small scissors cut, along with a clothes brush brush you can look for more from the larger ball, can put sweaters Spread flat on a flat tabletop, use a brush to lightly brush the fabric, and straighten it tightly. Use a special electric razor to gently vacuum the hair vertically, shave the ball, and brush.