Seven kiss to join Nantong shop again pass

July 31, 2019

Seven Kiss joined Nantong two stores since April 15 opening, sales have maintained a relatively high level, the local store is located in the main business district, Pat Sin City is directly opposite the RT-Mart supermarket, large passenger flow every day, the store location belonging to Nantong first-class shops, covers an area of 35 square meters, rent nearly 500,000 / year since opening, the company has the full support of sales, in store opening time of 15 days and would provide a strong guarantee for the sale of the shop, until now, The store sales have exceeded 300,000 , but also once again proved that the seven kiss clothing in the first-class shopping district tolerance, and explosive, seven kiss brand new image of the driving force, Nantong two stores since the consultation intention to join the stream of people Never! Once again proved that the seven kiss clothing investment shop only look at sales, each intention to franchisees must first visit to see the shop to do a detailed understanding of sales, we believe that only good sales of the current store, we can further Enhance brand grade, in order to optimize management! For the follow-up development to provide a solid foundation!

Let us stand by their own shops silently insist on sales, adhere to the breakthrough franchisee salute!

We firmly believe that only through our own changes can we return our hope for the future!

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