Hetian Yugui is still jade

April 04, 2021

Is Hetian Yugui still a jadeite? Today, Xiaobian is going to discuss this topic for everyone. Maybe everyone has heard that gold is worthy of jade. Is this sentence telling us that Hetian Yu is more expensive? Is the truth of the problem like this? Look down and you will know.

"Which is the expensive jade and Hetian jade" is a problem that many people are confused about, because in the market, you can see that the sky price and Tianyu can also see the price of jade, you can also see the price of cabbage and Hetian jade and jade, let people Unpredictable.

In fact, this problem is really complicated. Jade and Hetian jade are different from each other. They are all beautiful stones. Hetian jade is as moist as fat, like a gentleman, and the jade is bright and beautiful. It looks like a beautiful woman. It is impossible to distinguish between high and low, only a few points of view.

1, turnip greens, each have love

This means that compared with the jade and the white jade, it is like taking the Guan Gong of the Three Kingdoms and the Qin Qiong of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, it is basically the second thing, not the top. The ancients said that jade often classified jade and jade as one category, and its substance was not well distinguished. The composition of rock was not much different. The texture of jade is harder than other jade, so it is called "hard jade". That is, jade is a kind of jade. Traditionally, many people also call jade jade, and professionally it should be called jade.

Jade is mostly white. Therefore, it is called white as jade. And jade is what color. Huang Weizhen, green is green. Emerald is a high-grade variety in jade and is also more common. Jade is more beautiful than jade. Known as the "King of Jade", on the one hand, it shows its beauty, on the one hand, it also shows that it is a continuation of Chinese jade culture. The jade artwork is exactly the same as the jade, and the production process is no different from the tools used. Burmese jade is the best in the world, and the best of nephrite is Xinjiang Hetian jade.

2, gold valuable jade is priceless

Both jade and hetian jade can be called jade, and people often say that “gold is valuable for priceless jade”. Why do you say this? One reason is that jade is usually divided into many grades, and the prices vary greatly between grades. So it is not easy to draw conclusions. Therefore, hundreds of thousands of Hetian jade can often be seen in the market, and hundreds of jadeites can be seen. This is because the grades of different top grades, the green glass jade and the sprinkled gold-skinned white jade can seem to be compared, but because The first article in the previous article talked about "radish greens, each has its own love", it is also difficult to say that the top glass variety of green and green jade will be more expensive than sprinkling gold skin and white fat.

From the price per gram of jade wool on the market, the price of jade is generally higher than that of Hetian jade, but there is another problem. Jade is usually used as a small ornament. Each ornament may be a few grams or even a few carats, and Hetian jade usually It will be made into pendants and even ornaments (tens of grams or even hundreds of grams), so buying an jade jewelry is sometimes cheaper than buying a Hetian jade pendant.

Moreover, Hetian jade usually pays special attention to craftsmanship. The master jade carving works not only look at the material is so simple, it may be 10 times more than the 1000-piece Hetian jade raw material to become the jade carving works created by the master.

Summary: If the jade wool material is of the same grade, the price of jadeite is usually slightly more expensive than that of Hetian jade, but the price of jade jewelry and Hetian jade carving is very difficult to compare. It is a matter of opinion, like it, it is extremely scarce top jade, look Just follow your own mind and don't get too entangled in price or value.

It can be seen that Hetian Yugui is still a jadeite, and he has certain rhetoric. What kind of views do you have? The above introduction is for your reference only.

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