Which color is the best treasure with blue and navy Blue collocation skills

April 10, 2021

Clothing color, color for many people is a puzzled idea of ​​the problem, and this question is like a primary school day homework need to repeat. Choose some of the more wild colors is one way to solve this problem, or choose some close match. Today recommended for everyone is a navy blue collocation, navy blue dress, navy blue pants, navy jacket and other single product, no matter what color collocation can bring a strong visual impact, people shines.


Shirt is the best season to wear this single product, smooth and soft satin fabric brings the ultimate comfort wearing experience. Sapphire bat sleeve shirt with blue, white, yellow stripes stitching skirt, metal buckle wide girdle perfect split upper and lower body proportion, was super thin effect.

宝蓝色搭配什么颜色最好看 宝蓝色衣服搭配技巧

Blue dress as the main, splicing lemon yellow and white stripes, from top to bottom from thin to thick combination itself is very visual impact, many people may choose pure white or black jacket to match, but the effect is absolute No dark blue jacket so strong, because the dress has lemon yellow and white to join all do not have to worry about there will be no bright colors.

Picture credit: Perth- B-SMAN Ladies' 2014 Fall Winter Collection

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