Autumn and winter can wear underwear do autumn and winter underwear how to choose

April 11, 2021

Four seasons change, the temperature deer scurrying, only faded light thin through the summer clothing, heavy and warm autumn and winter clothes seems to have armored battle. As early as wearing a leather jacket noon yarn, the legend of the climate is definitely not alarmist, but the wisdom of you no matter what the situation can always easily cope with clever mix of beauty without losing the individuality. However, good at dress up you, both inside and outside to do both? Underwear with "quarter" strain!


Cold and windy autumn and winter, under the layers of underwear underwear rarely have the opportunity to "throw a spotlight", so the style requirements can be appropriately lowered, the main pursuit of wearing comfort. You can choose a number of soft-skinned thick mold cup style, consider some adjustment type function, so that even if the layers of the package can have a perfect body.

秋冬季可以不穿内衣吗 秋冬穿的内衣要怎么挑选

Some lazy women feel that anyway, their chest is not large, winter clothes and more wear, even if you do not wear underwear does not matter, in fact, this is wrong. This will not only increase the friction between the clothes and the nipple cause inflammation, etc., but also cause breast enlargement, drooping, etc., in the summer you will find that the old full of strong no longer exists.

Picture credit: Jie Jie children underwear 2014 autumn and winter models

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