Warm congratulations to Blue Ridge Children's clothing Longgang District Pinghu billion Bai store on August 23 grand opening

April 11, 2021

Good news good news! Blue Ti children dress in this fiery August add new coordinates! Warmly congratulate Longhu Pinghu billion Bai store on August 23 grand opening! The opening, once again promoted the development of blue Ti children brand. Here, I feel a lot of old and new customers long-term support and trust. We will also step by step, continue to bring you a better quality of a single product.


New store opened, a lot of concessions surprise again and again. During the opening 6-8 fold audience, buy is earned. A little bit of light in the mirror refraction under more gorgeous. Wooden floor decoration, minimalist style is filled with natural and fresh. Beautiful colors, ladies' styles are attractive to people to buy. Passionate shopping guide, customers have been praised.


Longgang District Pinghu billion Bai store, superior geographical location, convenient and unimpeded transportation, good environment and many other factors have attracted the major businessmen settled. Believe that Blue Ti children's clothing performance soaring, continue to make money!

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