Changsha, the largest flagship store in Doha, afraid enough?

May 09, 2021

"Thanks to you all the way", in order to make more people know Aesar, recognized Aesa, the achievement of more princess princess dream, September 28, 2014 "The Diaz Princess" Hunan's first large flagship store in Changsha Trys grand opening bargain, it will be the largest store in the city of Changsha, the Address: Changsha City, Hunan Province, Wangcheng District Outlets C2 Building, No. 16-17. Blessed lovers like Deehaa fans, but also that the store is not enough small style it? Changsha Outlets store certainly have your favorite models! Xiao Bian to emphasize the key to it! Changsha flagship store Opened: September 28, 2014, opening Hours: September 28, 2014 - October 8, 2014. So, during this event, 1, to the store trying to send a gift (into the store on the polite Oh); 2, Fall New 288 full minus 90; full 388 minus 120; full 488 minus 150; 3, daily Into the shop before spending 10 customers presented 50 yuan cash voucher; 4, during the event with DM single purchase regular price goods by 20 yuan. In the autumn and winter holidays, stroll tall flagship store, will be very comfortable? I heard that there will be a wonderful live performance? Look forward to everyone onlookers!

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