Ancient wood sunset 2014 winter popular recommended

June 09, 2021

The famous Gumu Xiyang brand is one of the top ten women's wear brands in Hangzhou. The ancient wooden evening sheep is located in the intellectual, the taste, the style, the delightful woman, the design style is exquisite, simple, natural, introverted. Now GMXY Women's Clothing Winter 2014 has been on the market, followed by several introductions.


Loose A-type structure, coat, simple outline design highlights the low-key and distinctive, before and after the patchwork design, elegant neat without losing the literary atmosphere.


The triangular dresses and comfortable yarn materials are provided. The classic straight-fitting straight-fitting version matches the bright colors of the above and below colliding. It can lengthen the figure and lift the triangular pattern on the sweater to reflect the vitality and fashion sense.


Front and rear colour matching dresses, heavy front and back texture weaves make the entire winter full of warmth, front and rear colors, simple silhouette, suitable for loose coats or other coats.


Contrast color stitching baseball collar coat 丨 丨 丨 丨 丨 丨 丨 丨 丨 丨 丨 丨 丨 丨 丨 丨 丨 丨 丨 丨 丨 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。.

Dobby Modal Fabric

  1. Modal Fabrics are soft ,draping well, and comfortable to wear.
  2. The moisture absorption and air permeability of Modal fiber fabric is better than Cotton Fabric, and it is an ideal close-fitting fabric and health care clothing product, which is beneficial to human physiological circulation and health.
  3. Modal Fabric is a natural mercerized fabric with bright color and light.
  4. Modal Fabric has good effect, strong shape stability, and easy-to-iron property, making it more convenient to wear.

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