Bosideng men's winter shirt with your charisma

July 09, 2021

Winter clothing layers, but also not just focus on the coat, which should also pay attention to every layer. Shirt reflects a man's personality and taste, want to be different, alone collar "coquettish", a full personality shirt can add a lot of points. Bosideng men's winter shirt for your recommendation. Walan yarn dyed big white warm white shirt, style on the shoulder, the use of corduroy net cuff fabric match, the shirt inside the high velvet fabric, fabric smooth skin, drape, not easy to fold. (Item No:) This section uses cotton-colored woven fabric, soft and comfortable, personal ventilation, color-dyed and thick warmth, the internal details of the creative design, making the whole clothes with three-dimensional and fashion sense, Can be worn alone can also be used with casual jackets, jacket down jacket. (Item #:) Simple style coffee corduroy fabric, fabric feel comfortable, wearing skin, version Slim capable, suitable for men's casual wear friends. (Item #:) Business plaid shirt, the material with a new Elina material sanding process, more than the conventional brushed shirt with more warmth, soft, fresh color without losing the stability. (Item No:) Classic black corduroy and jacquard knit combination of style with collision color design, simple and generous style, giving the shirt a distinguished texture, 尽显 men refined. (Item No .:) This soft and comfortable shirt fabric, classic Check design, wearing personal, warm and good, simple style and both fashion sense of leisure. (Item No:)

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