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July 14, 2021

The financial lecture hall "Jade and Tianyu" was highly sought after by experts who said that the process factors are not as important as "species" and "color"!

“Buy Hetian jade, how should I choose?” “When the festival is bought at the end of the year, what kind of appreciation potential?”

On-site Jianbao:

Hetian jade is fine and moist.

An elderly reader holds a piece of green jade and asks experts to identify the value. The experts of the Guangdi Jewelry Testing Center conservatively estimate that the existing value should be more than 100,000 yuan. According to the reader, jadeite was purchased more than ten years ago, when it was less than 30,000 yuan. In the past 10 years, the price of jade has skyrocketed several times, and many collections have appreciated sharply.

More readers are now learning to use, holding the jade collection comparison to point out what is the bean species, what is the Hibiscus species, what is the white-green species.

Hou Yiyu, a famous jewelry appraisal expert and general manager of Guangdong Guangdi Jewelry Co., Ltd., eliminated the misunderstandings of readers. “Hetian jade” is not only produced in Hetian, Xinjiang, China. It is not a geographically named noun, but a jade species noun. Any jade that meets the high-grade white jade standard of Hetian, Xinjiang, in terms of physical structure, density and particle size is Hetian jade. Hetian jade is produced in Qinghai, China, and Hetian jade is also produced in the western mountains of Russia.

In response to readers' questions on how to purchase Hetian jade, Hou Yuyu said: "There are five words in the process of purchasing Hetian jade: fine, moist, white, work, and skillful. The top two are the top two. The importance is far greater than the latter three.” Compared with the difference between Qinghai and Xinjiang, the particles in Qinghai are relatively thick and have scaly crystals combined, which makes it very thick; Russian nephrite is a granular combination, which is slightly harder. Because of its fine structure, Xinjiang is very embarrassing and more prominent. Because the bracelet has a higher requirement for "fine structure", Qinghai material is not so suitable for bracelets.

Moisture is also an important indicator of the value of Hetian jade. The texture of China's Xinjiang material is soft and moist. Russian and Qinghai materials look as stiff as stones and clay, and the texture is very different. For this reason, for most jewellery, Xinjiang is expected to be higher than Qinghai and Russian.

Hou Yuyu also said: The impact factor of "white" is actually not particularly important. If the price of Hetian jade is measured by "white", the whiteness of Xinjiang material is not suitable for Russian materials and Qinghai. However, the reason why Hetian jade has become a high-grade jade with a long history is because it has the characteristics of moisturizing and fineness, not just a standard of "white".

Jade identification

One "species" two "color" three "process"

How to identify the value of jade? Hu Xuenian, a national registered jewelry appraiser, believes that “the first thing to look at, the second is to look at the color, and finally the craft of jade.”

What is the species? The comprehensive expression of the mineral structure, particle thickness, transparency and gloss of the jadeite is collectively referred to as species. The key to looking at the jade species is to see if the structure is dense, the texture is delicate and the degree of transparency. The species can be divided into seven kinds, from the best to the old pit glass, and then from high to low for glass, ice, hibiscus, white, green, bean, and taro. There is no clear boundary between species and species, and it cannot be quantified; for this reason, different businesses may have different definitions of the same commodity; as consumers, they can be conservative.

Moreover, the "color" of jade is also very important. Emerald is usually the most green, as well as purple, yellow, red, black, and white. High color saturation and pure color are the standard for measuring color. The green emeralds are bright and colorful, and their value is higher than other colors of jade.


"species" PK "water head"

Some readers asked: "Is it kind of 'water head' that folks often say?"

Hu Xuenian explained that “head” refers to transparency and “species” refers to internal crystallization. In most cases, the better the species, the higher the transparency. But there are also many jadeites, whose crystals are thick and not delicate enough, but the transparency is very high. Hu Xuenian also believes that: "Different kinds of jadeites change with time. Different people may wear jade for many years and have a personal experience: 'plant' good jade, the longer it is in contact with human skin, The better the development of the better; 'the kind of poor jade, with the passage of time, there will be micro-cracks, and even yellow, gray."

Both Hu Xuenian and the industry believe that “the kind of good jadeite has the greatest potential for appreciation. If economic conditions permit, the purchase of jadeite should try to choose “species” higher.

Process PK material

Some readers asked what effect the “craft” factor has on the finished jadeite.

Block this promotion content "What is a good craft? It is to be delicate, vivid, beautiful design, polishing can not have dead ends, edges and corners must be rounded." Hu Xuenian said.

However, he also pointed out that the hollow and complicated carvings are of high craftsmanship, but they are often the methods that craftsmen have to take to cover the original jadeite. To this end, the high-quality jade jewelry of hibiscus and simple carving is generally more collectible.

Therefore, on the one hand, buyers cannot blindly pursue craftsmanship, and the technological factors are not as great as the influence of “species” and “color”; on the other hand, jade is an inevitable part of jade as a natural gem, and buyers should also be psychologically Accept the imperfections of jade.

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