The all-encompassing theme of jade carving

October 05, 2021


There are many jade carving themes, which can be said to be all-encompassing. As long as you see it, you can think of it as a jade carving theme. However, there are some subjects that cannot be used to make jade carvings, because they are not auspicious anyway. However, some jade carving masters have to go back and edit more or less in order to highlight the subject matter. From ancient times to the present, there is a saying in the jade carving world that "Jade will have work, work must be intentional, and meaning will be auspicious". So every jade carving work is auspicious. Today we talk about the jade carving theme of "bat" and its Meaning:

Blessing is in front of you: a bat is carved on a hole with copper coins, so it is called "Fu in front of the eyes."

Fushou Yannian: It is carved and the bat has been on the top of the peach. Shou Tao is a symbol of longevity. "Bat" is the same as "Fu". The combination of the two is called "Fushou Yannian"

Duofu Duo Shou: The sculptures are many bats and shou peaches together, meaning: more blessings and more life.

Fu Lu Shouyi: The four species of animals and plants that are carved by bats and sika deer, shou peach, and magpie (or directly engraved with a hi word) are taken auspicious.

Jade carving theme

Hetian jade red leather grade white jade seed jade pendant is a blessing in life

Wufu holding life: carving a peach in the middle of five bats, (five blessings: one 曰 shou, two 曰 rich, three 曰 曰 、 曰, four 曰 repair good morals, five 曰 test final life).

Wufu Hehe: With five bats and lotuses and round boxes, "Holly" is the same as "He (Anning, Peace)" and "He (Investment, Harmony)".

Fushou Shuangquan: Bat, Shou Tao, ancient money, "money" sound near "all", "two" meaning "double".

Blessing to the soul: Bat, Shoutao, Ganoderma lucidum, "Chi" homophonic "to", "Peach" like "heart" shape, Ganoderma lucidum "spirit".

Flowing Clouds and Baifu: Taking bats and moiré as the core, "cloud" means "continuously extending", which is similar to "good luck" and symbolizes happiness.

Blessing from heaven: The bat is engraved on the top of a doll's head.

Fushou Sanduo: bat, peach, pomegranate or lotus, "Pomegranate", "Lianzi" all mean the meaning of many children, "that is, Fuduo, Shouduo, Ziduo".

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