BERNIEELEN Burneys Inn 2015 autumn red fashion, a touch of brilliant early autumn

October 06, 2021

BERNIEELEN Burneys Women's Wear uses unique styles and design to mix with black and gray, presenting you with a savvy, calm, yet lively and appealing urban fashion.

Red, this bright and warm color, can make people carry the passion roll. The magical power of this beauty is undisputed. Like a touch of bright early autumn.

1. The red skirt is matched with the black top.

Skirt, hip fits hip curve. The hem is neat, split ends, and the slim lines are smooth, highlighting the savvy, capable, and intellectual nature of the urban girl. The high concentration of red, like the roses, is bright, pure, passionate, and cleverly matched with black, showing a distinctive noble and glamorous, unique women's fashion in the workplace.

With a black belt, the smart jacket. Pulling up the waist line has corrected the proportion of the human body. At the same time, it also brings out a black sense of mystery and distance. The overall appearance is noble and glamorous.

2. Red Knit Top + Black and Red Contrast A-Line Skirt

The highly saturated red of the knitwear breaks the dullness of the autumn and winter seasons and presents a jumping, lively, bright and moving temperament. With a soft stretch of mercerized Sanqi fabric, feel comfortable, Slim was slim, seven-sleeve sleeve cuff design, making the overall more harmonious and unified and bright and moving.

The skirts cleverly use geometric mosaics of black, gray and red patches, and the skillful stitching techniques allow the details to be presented perfectly. With nature and nature, it has a unique three-dimensional modern urban atmosphere. Fashion is full of vitality and there is no lack of stability and calmness.

3. Red waist knit dress.

High-purity red, free stretch skirt, personality. Comfortable fit style profile, with a simple black belt to split the visual, extended, modified the proportion of the human body, elongated leg curves. Micro-embossed fabrics highlight a good self-cultivation effect, loose skirts, leisure with a little easy-going and comfortable, highlighting the inherent noble temperament.

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