Hetian jade bracelet identification method

October 08, 2021


The Yakexi Sapphire Bead Bracelet always thought that jade articles have the function of praying for peace and the hearts of the people. Therefore, jade articles have been welcomed by people since ancient times, and jade shops are also more and more compliant with people's consumption requirements. The method of identifying jade bracelets is for friends.

The jade bracelet is generally worn on the wrist to pray for peace, calming the mind and beauty as the main purpose. Hetian jade bracelet is generally made of Xinjiang Hetianzi jade material. It is pebble-like, with a warm jade and soft color. It has a comfortable and elegant wearing effect.

The first is the certificate, the formal jewellery jade quality inspection certificate, must be the nationally recognized testing agency. The inspection certificate must be printed with any of the three logos "CMA", "CAL", and "CNAL". See if you have these three identifiers. .

Secondly, look at its texture: jade can not be innocent, so jade is not necessarily perfect, some jade contains a small amount of impurities, the real jade road is clear, most of the lines are not vertical but horizontal, with a certain stone pattern for identification The vertical path of fake jade (such as jade bracelet) is just like painting, it is easier to distinguish.

Finally, look at its brightness and luster: the brightness and luster of real jade are good. The gloss of Hetian jade is a unique luster between glass luster, grease luster and waxy luster. It looks like a natural jade unique. Spirituality, of course, the luster of the water is better than the luster of the mountain material. The brightness of the fake jade is obviously not enough, it looks very dark, and the gloss is very bad.

Beware of fake Chang: Produce a kind of white jade in Hotan area, the brightness and luster are good, the price is very low, but it is not real Hetian Baiyu, some sellers fake this jade into Hetian jade to sell, and the price is very high, so buy If you want to use Hetian Baiyu, you must find a guide. When you buy jade, you should listen more and you should not be deceived because you like it for a while.

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