Congratulations Blue Flower Women "Annecy's Experience" 2016 spring new product perfect ending

October 20, 2021

Constantly create a surprise for everyone, this is the happiest things Blue and White , our continuous efforts only want you to a sure, maybe you did not understand the blue-and-white language, but now must be chasing to understand the brand, because it gives you Brings more than just a shock, but an adventurous, blue and white language women's clothing "Annecy's Experience" 2016 spring new conference was grandly held in 9.3, Humen in Dongguan Hullman hotel charm bloom.



2015.9.3-2015.9.5 The three-day press conference I think I already have a lot of feelings. These three days coincided with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War and the time of military parade. It is also a celebration of Blue-and-white language. It is also a good thing though Only a short period of three days, but really a blue-and-white language home for a month's efforts to give you presents a paragraph attractive eye-catching style, so that the old and new dealers feel at home.


The three days of busy can be considered a successful one paragraph, and then there are more people who have to create brilliant home, I hope this conference will give you a different feeling, but also hope that more new distribution Business to join us, with your blue and white will be more perfect, I believe Blue Flower will work with you to create a miracle.

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