The performance of textile fabrics anti-mildew antibacterial

May 08, 2021

For underwear fabrics and protein fiber fabrics, they all require good antibacterial and antibacterial properties. Anti-mildew and anti-bacterial properties are very important for human health and the maintenance of textile fabrics.

The anti-mildew and anti-bacterial properties of fabrics are mainly obtained through finishing. There are six commonly used finishing techniques.

1. Insoluble finishing technology.

It is to add a certain chemical agent to the spinning solution of synthetic fiber or regenerated fiber, or padding and baking the solution of natural fiber fabrics and synthetic fiber fabrics to deposit an insoluble or slightly soluble substance on the fibers, so as to obtain anti-microbial Fiber or antibacterial fabric that is washable and dry-clean resistant.

2. Treat the fabric with grafting, homopolymerization and copolymerization methods to obtain antibacterial activity.

3. Finish with a numeric or cross-linking agent to give the fabric an anti-bacterial effect of durability.

4. Generate a covalent bond.

For example, polyvinyl alcohol (Vinylon) and 5-nitrofurfural acrolein are subjected to polycondensation reaction to obtain denaturalized fiber with antibacterial and antibacterial properties.

5. The surface of the fabric is coated with a trialkoxysilane quaternary ammonium salt hydrolysate to form a film on the surface of the fiber, which has a bactericidal effect and can produce a wide range of antibacterial properties. Anti-microbial activity, but also has the durability of silicone, washing and dripping characteristics.

6. Microcapsule technology is a physical and chemical finishing method.

The antibacterial active substance is stored between two layers of protective plastic film. The antibacterial active substance can migrate to the outer layer. When the active material of the outer layer is washed out by water or degraded by ultraviolet rays, the plastic film can be protected from the film by controlling the release mechanism. The supplement is added to provide durable antimicrobial properties.
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