Congratulations, "Like years" Hangzhou Jiangcheng store's first private custom life club gorgeous debut

May 08, 2021

Best wishes: Water Age Hangzhou Jiangcheng shop's first private custom life hall on September 27, 2014 grand debut, try out the business!


Store display:

恭祝“似水年华”杭州江城店首家私人订制生活会馆华丽登场 恭祝“似水年华”杭州江城店首家私人订制生活会馆华丽登场

Activities giveaway layout display:


Family dance, a unique flyer model to attract the surrounding customers into the shop yesterday popular popularity!


We also specially customized a full-featured VIP management machine, recharge, integral management functions, that is, to facilitate the operation of the shop but also to better the VIP management.


Once again wish Hangzhou Jiangcheng store trial run down! May Sistime women not only in the water harvest beautiful, more harvest belongs to your exclusive custom!

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