Talented clothing differentiation line to create industry quality

August 15, 2019

Chinese men's clothing is mainly concentrated in three regions: Zhejiang, Guangdong and Fujian. In recent years, the rapid rise of Fujian plate, and gradually catch up with the traditional advantages of Zhejiang are loaded with enterprises, and with greater advantages in keeping with the processing advantages of Guangdong enterprises, of which the brand differentiation is an important reason. "Jacket experts," "trousers experts," "China Collar," "new dress" and other differentiated clothing positioning concepts are coming out from Fujian. As a representative of Min sent men, wets clothing also has a different course of their own. Around 2000, witty clothing began to shift from wholesale clothing monopoly form. In 2003, the genius introduced the concept of "new formal wear", positioned the intellectual elite and interpreted it as the third menswear for "work and leisure at work". Since 2005, Talent Apparel has taken the original product as the breakthrough point and based on Chinese traditional culture, the concept of "Fair Fashion" has been introduced. With the printing and embroidery as the expression, the modern business men's style with relaxed, comfortable, gentle and elegant style was introduced. The integration of ethnic elements into the original design and modern concept, showing a fashion attitude between brands and ethnic mutual respect, making the genius break out in the homogenization of competition. It is also at this time, T-shirt established the "original brand in China," the strategic concept. The concept of "Fair Fashion" created the industry myth. In 2006, T-shirt set a zero inventory and sales doubled year-on-year in more than 2000 sales outlets nationwide. Talent also successfully jumped from the regional brand to the national men's mainstream brands. Differentiated positioning, excellent advertising planning, large-scale CCTV high-end advertising, witty costumes to achieve a smooth transition, became the most notable men's one of the domestic brands. The market has been a substantial expansion of specialty stores quickly rose to more than 800 initially completed the strategic layout of the national market. After the "Fair Fashion", the genius introduced the series of concepts such as "Legend of Absolute Beauty," "Romance of the Nationalities," "Chinese School," and introduced the classic elements of national culture such as plum, Chinese character, seal, traditional Chinese painting and blue and white porcelain into product design Strengthen their own image of the pioneer of Chinese original costume culture. At the same time when the original concepts were introduced, the brand spokesmen of T-shirts changed from the domineering Zhang Fengyi to the reserved Liang Chaowei. The refined and restrained image is more closely tied to the genre orientation of the talented apparel, bringing the brand culture and consumers closer distance. As the representative of the original Chinese brand, the genius will overcome the next, perhaps outside of the Chinese elements, in building the overall style of the brand to create brand identity, which truly jumped out of the whirlpool of homogenization. A shirt, when it masks brand identity elements still have their own style, it really has the brand culture. In terminal construction, the common practice of sending men to Fujian is to vigorously promote the system of agency and branch offices, pursue economies of scale, and rapidly occupy resources. They have invested heavily in terminal construction after the original accumulation is completed. The benefits of doing so is that brands can borrow agent resources and order inventory system to reduce inventory risk, the other due to agents to undertake the downstream management, brands can make energy integration in the upstream and improve products. The same applies to gifted apparel. Vigorously develop regional agents, branches, joint ventures, cooperation, direct marketing and other models, and maintain rapid performance terminal; accelerate the direct management of the rapid development of branch offices, increase the terminal goods support, shop service support efforts to ensure that the terminal building a steady Carry out. The difference is that in the terminal channel innovation, T-shirt launched a "self-operating multi-storey" new concept. Exactly, is "more than one city shop." Multi-outlets operated or co-operated by the dealers themselves include the combination of large stores and small stores, the combination of image stores and single product stores, and the combination of various business stores such as business form stores. "One city multi-store self-operation" model can give full play to the brand, agents, distributors, dealers, economies of scale, improve the brand's market share. In a more fragmented market environment, this size effect can greatly enhance the brand's influence in the minds of customers. Cai Zongmei founder of the genius was withered, but the successful transformation of the genius costumes, the former executive general manager, apparel brand planning experts week contributed. By the end of 2008, Zhou Zhong, vice president of marketing and marketing, left the company one after another. Today, the talented Cai Tsai is the daughter of the helm, 80 after graduating from Peiyan Cai Yanying. Coach new coach, can continue to drive marketing, brand, management, "Troika" forward, to be the test of time.

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