Love "fight" will win the case autumn new models

August 05, 2020

Love spell will win, not only reflected in the struggle of life on the road to fashion, color stitching is also a magic weapon to win, not only able to successfully attract the attention of others, but also enhance the spirit of the moment. Do you work in the workplace, there are also splicing existence? No case, then quickly look at the case of fashion ladies , spell out of the charm, spell out of fashion it!


Dress + sweater with, it seems that in the early autumn season is the most suitable match, not only demonstrate the sense of neat layer more chic elegant taste. Black and white mosaic color trimming skirt, full of modern sense of high, green knit sweater is a kind of neighbors-like sense of proximity, instantly enhance the degree of goodness Oh!

爱“拼”才会赢 例格秋装新款

This fall, dark green seems omnipresent, T stage show the focus of color, always give a sense of luxury. Irregular flanging black neckline design stylish atmosphere, cuffs slightly green cuff, breaking the silence color, black and green belt casual tied a small waist, with green pencil pants, very thin Oh!

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